Ribbons and Bows

You can buy your own pink and teal ribbon to display on your trees
A great tip for tree bows....
Use a pink and teal tablecloth from the dollar store to wrap up your trees!


Print out these great cards to be given out when putting bows up.  A big "Thank You" to Terra Barlow for the design and allowing us to use them for Kadyn's Law initiatives


Back of Multiple Flyer


These cards print front and back on plain 8.5 x 11 (letter size) paper or cardstock. They are designed to print 4 cards that can be cut apart to be given out to anyone when you are spreading the word about Kadyn's Law!



Click on the links below to view media coverage of the ribbon/bow initiative
New Hampton, IA showing it's "true" colors
St. Ansgar, IA Blue Belle Inn looking very festive with pink and teal bows
St.Ansgar Elementary supports Kadyns Law and proudly displays their pink and teal!
Osage, IA main street sporting pink and teal bows
Ribbons in Garner, IA