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Kadyn's Mom

Sunday,September 21st, 2003 in Phoenix Arizona was one of the best days of my life, I was blessed with a beautiful, healthy, full of life 6 pound 7 ounce 21 inch baby girl that was absolutely perfect. I promised to always do right by her and protect her in every way that a mother should. I moved my daughter back to my home state…Iowa as I wanted to bring her up in a small, safe community.
Tuesday, May 10, 2011 we did our normal morning routine, I got up at 4:05am, got ready for work. Then woke the kids up, Kadyn was so excited for school this day as for one it was finally warm enough to wear shorts (Kadyn had been waiting for weeks) and second she had an exciting field trip to the MacNider Museum in Mason City then to East Park. We talked about her field trip all the way to daycare, as I always did I gave my children a hug and kiss and made sure my last words were “I love you”. Kadyn gave me an extra long hug this morning and extra kisses which I of course accepted with open arms. Not thinking into it I then headed to work at a children’s treatment center. Around 9am, my worst nightmare came true, I received that horrible phone call that no parent ever wants to hear… “your daughter was hit by a truck trying to get on her school bus, she didn’t make it.”
I fell into the arms of co-workers while screaming “No! No! No!, My baby!”. Co-workers no longer able to hold me up, as my whole body felt numb, cradled me in their arms on the ground where I had fallen to. “There is just no way this could happen to me! God should know that I can’t handle something like this!”
I immediately called family members as most of my family lives a distance away, nobody could understand me, through my fits of tears and screams, trying to tell them that our precious Kadyn was gone.
Over the next 2 days I lied in bed bawling, wondering how I will ever be able to go on without my beautiful, full of life little girl. Then the 3rd day after losing my baby it hit me- WE got to do something about this. The only reason I could think of that God would take my perfect little girl is if even after life she could save other children’s lives. And this is why I will no longer discuss that day but rather the future and how WE can make OUR children more safe!
As I began to look around me, facebook, news, visitors, family I realized Kadyn’s short life of 7 years has touched so many and brought awareness that needs to be multiplied. Kadyn was one of those people that if I did not at least try to find some good…yes I said good in this horrible nightmare she would be pretty upset at her mommy!
Kadyn truly was an amazing, beautiful, full of life, always smiling and waiting for what life was going to bring her next and ready to face it head on kind of girl. Kadyn really did love life to the fullest. Kadyn was a compassionate, loving little girl. Always telling me “you look beautiful mama”, ”I love you mommy”. Kadyn always has been and always will be momma’s little girl!
If you are reading this, PLEASE help with Kadyn’s Law, even if all you can do is tie some ribbons on trees PLEASE do! All those little ribbons will add up! Thank you all so much for your love and support you truly have no idea what it means to my family and I.