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Aunt Kristen Meyer

I don’t even know where to start regarding my most special and beautiful niece. Kadyn spent a lot of time with

 her Auntie Kristen beginning when she was 2 ½ years old.  I have hundreds of stories that I could tell you about this intelligent little girl. But, more than anything I wish that I could have thousand of stories to giggle about with my little Angel 70 years down the road.

But because this tragic accident happened, I won’t get that and neither will Kadyn. I won’t get to dress Kadyn up for prom just like I dressed her up for dance recitals, her baptism, and everything else. Besides me, it was pretty limited as to who touched her hair. I wanted to watch her play sports throughout her life, give her boy advice, watch her walk down the aisle of my wedding, and watch her find the love of her life. Some of the most important things in life were taken from Kadyn just as the most import

ant girl in our lives was taken from us much too early.  In the meantime I am going to hold on to, relive, treasure, and cherish those hundreds of stories that I do have involving Kadyn and I.


Kadyn and I spent almost everyday together from about the time that she was 3 to 5. I would call Kari and beg her to let me take Kadyn anywhere and everywhere with me. Kadyn loved spending time with me, but not nearly as much as I loved spending time with her. She made my day, week, and month. She had the most contagious and irresistible smile and laugh; not a soul in this world couldn’t love our little girl. Kadyn would go to basketball games with me, and cheer

at my softball games when I was playing. Kadyn loved to ride on every ride at the fair with me, only if it was a spin-you-upside-down, or spin-you-around-until-you’re-nauseous-ride. She ran around the fair jumping on every ride that she was tall enough for and eating some of her favorite fair food including cotton candy.


Kadyn loved fair time because she loved animals. She loved to help out our Meyer Family around the farm. She loved to ride in the combine with Uncle Doug & Grandpa Dennis. She was also a great help for Uncle Travis and Daddy Ryan feeding the calves, one of which was her calf, “Callie”. And because Kadyn isn’t here with us today, Kyler and I showed Kadyn’s calf in honor of her, because we all know that this is exactly what she would have wanted.


The last time that I was able to spend with her was about a week before the tragic accident. Kadyn, Kyler, and I were each riding around on your bicycles having a race around the farm. Once we were bored of that activity, we moved onto the next. Kadyn helped me vacuum out my jeep. She did a great job vacuuming and I thought to myself  “Wow, my little niece is growing up too quickly”. The next thing I know, I turned around to see how she is doing and she had the vacuum tube stuck to her shirt screaming and laughing hysterically. That quickly turned into a war between the two of us. We would attack the other’s shirt when they weren’t looking and continually giggle about it for the rest of the night.  


That night, I helped give the kids a bath and we all laid in bed together snuggling watching a movie. I let them get up so that I could take a few cute pictures of her and Kyler together, for one last fun thing to do with me that day.

Little did I know that this would be the last time I heard her giggle, the last time I saw her smile, the last time I was able to snuggle her, the last hug, and the last kiss I was ever able to give her. Her life was too short and the memories with her should be endless; only they stopped abruptly so that God could take our Angel with him and protect her with all that he has. My only Prayer is that God is in Heaven with her and Ben, one arm around each of them. I hope they are looking down on us now laughing and watching over us. Answer my prayer God please, and hug Kadyn and kiss her on the forehead for me every minute of the day and tell her how much I love and miss my beautiful niece and Goddaughter,

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