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Aunt Brandi Halverson

I'm Kadyn's Aunt Brandi. I dont know where to start when I talk about my amazing, bright, spectacular niece. She was such a STAR. Her personality was so bright and bigger than what could possibly be contained in her little body, it positively oozed out every pore of her being. She was always on the move, never sitting still, just like a shooting star moving like her hair was on fire. I dont have a lot of memories of her, because I live so far away we rarely saw her; I always thought we would have loads of time to spend together when she was older. I figured when she was old enough I would fly her up to her super cool Aunt Brandi's house to spend holidays. I have so few memories, I always thought there would be more time with her.
I am so grateful for the vacation I was able to spend with her in Phoenix this past December, she was able to meet her baby cousin for the first time! She wanted to get in the pool immediately after getting to "Bama's" even though it was freezing, she was so determined to get in that after a few minutes of begging she put on her suit and leaped full tilt into the frigid water. I dont think she was even fully submersed before she rocketed back out completely frozen and a little bit blue and said "Thats COLD!". She was smiling ear to ear with her gap toothed grin the entire time.

Another favorite memory is when she was about 18 months. She had come up for my graduation from college. She was so adorable toddling around great grandma's backyard, she was fascinated with grandma's flowers and took every opportunity to pick one when we werent looking. I loved snuggling with her whenever she would hold still enough to have a nap or accept a smooch to her little baby neck rolls. My favorite picture is one of us cuddling together on the couch, I believe I'm about to fall asleep and she was trying to get down and continue exploring.
I'll never forget this little princess at my wedding. She was so good while getting ready, she even held still for getting her hair done, and everyone close to her knows how much she HATED having her hair done! She was my flower girl and looked so beautiful in her white satin dress. I think I have about 20 pictures of her spinning in that dress because every time she spun she would say "Watch! Watch me!". She was truly a princess that day, she even stole the spotlight from the bride for awhile!

I want to pass this law so this never has to happen to any child ever again. Kadyn was so BRILLIANT and dynamic, it's hard to imagine that her life could be ended so violently and abruptly. This law can mean that we could go a long way towards keeping kids safe when they are going to and from school. This law could mean that no other family would have to experience our pain and gut wrenching grief over the loss of their child. Please help to support Kadyn's Law in 2012.